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15 Ways to Handle Startup Layoff's Effectively :

  1. Don't promise or imply lifetime employment

  2. Consider other alternatives for cutting workforce costs

  3. Consider other alternatives for cutting overall costs

  4. Consider other ways to generate revenues

  5. Be Honest with your Startup Team

  6. Make sure your decisions are non-discriminatory

  7. Inform Employees Privately

  8. Consider Timing - Probably at the end of the work day

  9. Prepare to console & count on bearing the brunt of some angry reactions

  10. Offer Outplacement help

  11. Negotiate a fair severance package.

  12. In case of trouble, ensure the security of the rest of the work force and for corporate assets

  13. Escort the employee(s) laid off to the exit of your Startup premises

  14. Conduct a meeting with the rest of the Team

  15. Avoid signs of extravagant spending following layoffs.

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