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17 Ways to see Your Startup Through Customer's Eyes :

  1. Asks Questions to your Customers

  2. Ask Right Questions

  3. Call on a Customer

  4. Call on a colleague to give you a critical assessment of your operation

  5. Form a customer focus group

  6. Set up a Number For Customers to call you easily & in an inexpensive way

  7. Hold a customer conference

  8. Talk to your Drivers, custodians , Security guards & maintenance crews

  9. Administer Paper-n-pencil Surveys at the Point of Sale / Service

  10. Print creative comment cards

  11. Make Post-Sale/Service calls

  12. Examine your Startup Policies from Customer's perspective

  13. Ask your Startup Team to conduct Market Research with their connects

  14. Hire a Firm to commission a Customer Research Study

  15. Interview Lost Customers

  16. Become a Customer Yourself

  17. Hire 'Mystery Shoppers'

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