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6 Ways Entrepreneurs Must Bring Out ‘The Warrior’ Hidden Within:

It is obvious and a fact that most of our precious time is wasted in dreaming of the potential instead of engaging in the present. Most of the time, nothing seems urgent to entrepreneurs and they are only partially involved in what they do. In such cases, it is necessary that they put themselves in a situation, where the stakes are high and the time / resource is limited. This is because its seen that ‘ ...if one can’t afford to lose, one never loses’ There are ways to push you into such situations and ways to come out winning too. Entrepreneur has to depend on their wits and vigor, enter new / unknown territories, they may even have to cut off all their ties with their past and place themselves in an Emergency mode with their backs against the wall and fight like hell for the survival of their startup.This is because when entrepreneurs have options, they feel lost in actions. Freedom, if misused is a burden for Entrepreneurs.

Its necessary that there exist an environment of sense of urgency. Unfortunately, its imposed on entrepreneurs from outside, not from within.

Just by attending Meetups and listening to speeches or following blogs and write ups [ including this one ] , no matter howsoever rousing and motivating, would not have an enduring effect. Instead, Entrepreneurs must place themselves in such situations where there are no escape routes, no ways to retreat.

It is more of a psychological phenomenon whereby a Startup has to put itself in a situation without options, enclosed state of operations, only actions would survive them or consequences would be brutal, known to them well in advance. Your startup team would respond to the wake-up call with a sense and surge of energy and focus, instead of slowing down the stress in them and making a friendly situation.

  • Make Action your priority: When we face no pressure from outside, we often tend to act too slow. But sometimes action becomes a priority before we think we are ready to act. It would help the entrepreneurs to make most out of their resources and also act as a surprise for stakeholders. See to it, that once you have committed yourself towards your Startup goal, you have no ways to turn back.

  • Make some Business Rivals : Its often seen that truth is what rivals speak about us more than friends in business do. To have a fighting spirit with you as an entrepreneur, to have a little edge , you need hatred to act as a fuel power. Once your startup is cornered by people who dislike you, the warrior within you would automatically pop-up and you shall perform at your best.

  • Make ‘Fire’ your Teacher : Learn from Fire. Fire itself has no existence, no power within. It is how the surrounding is. If its backed by air, dry coppice, even the miniature flicker turns itself into a mammoth fire . It feeds off itself from its environment, consuming everything in its path. An Entrepreneur must possess traits of such Fire. They must ensure whatever comes in their way, must be consumed [ tactfully ] and ensure impetus from the external demands.

  • Swim in New Channels : Fear of unknown always acts as a stumbling block in the path of success for any entrepreneur. But it’s a must that one must leave the known and enter into an unknown zone , leaving behind the comfortable situations and make ways for new endeavor. Cutting of ties with past and learning from your past failures would ensure sure success in future.

  • Put everything at Stake : Entrepreneurs often consider taking one challenge at a time. But its advisable to put everything at stake , rather than having a halfhearted effort in one particular activity. Once everything is at stake, no entrepreneur would afford to lose their dream project.

  • Be edgy and discontented: When out startup has no particular challenge, physical and mental lethargy engulfs our startup team resulting in low performance and unwanted results. Hence its necessary to be edgy and discontented by taking risks in everything your startup operates in. Never let yourself settle down as an entrepreneur . Stand on a landmine, be on the edge. It would help you and your startup to survive for a long term indeed.

Hence it is concluded that Entrepreneurs would perform their best when placed in a situation whereby they have no place to go, no choices to make. In such scenarios, the warrior, the fighting spirit within the entrepreneurs is awakened. Once they are put in such scene , they deliver firmly, without fear, get deeply involved in their startup mission with all possible resources.

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