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7 Quick Mantras for To Test The Business Viability

As an entrepreneur, you may be often asked whether it is possible to test the viability of a new startup  idea. Here are the 7 Quick Mantras to do that : 1) Study & Identify the Gap in the Market; 2) Develop something to fill that Gap; 3) Look at how much it costs someone [ if your Startup doesn't exist  in terms of:      a) Time;      b) Effort;      c) Money;      d) Lifestyle;      e) Existing legislation;      f) Safety. 4) Have a good Market Research and talk personally to your potential  customers; 5) Have a proper plan  - Business Plan as well as Passion Plan; 6) Check the plan for viability; 7) Go for It- Face your Fear & Dare to Do It.

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