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7 Quick Ways For Startup Entrepreneurs To Overcome Procrastination

You can indeed do today what you can think of doing tomorrow . Before we move to the Quick ways to Stop Procrastination we must know why do we procrastinate in first case ? This may be due to lack in clear planning & deadlines. In some cases, we may not be adequate resources to complete the task. Also Lack of Passion to work & fear of Failure can lead to Procrastination  Here are some quick ways of how you can stop Procrastinating  : 

1) Delete the Less Important Tasks : Every Entrepreneur must set a priority of tasks to be performed. Those which are less important and can be avoided must not be done first. Rather Delete such tasks totally which are less important or of no use. 

2) Learn to Delegate : Entrepreneurs must learn to Delegate Tasks which can be delegated. This would help the Entrepreneur to focus on less tasks but of priority. 

3) Doing It Now & Avoid Postponing : We as human beings have this habit of postponing things at a later date. This not only depicts our lazy character to the Startup team but causes unproductive results. Instead Do the Task on Hands Now itself. Postponing tasks may cause a direct or indirect cost to your Startup. 

4) Ask For Advice : You may come across various people who may be sort of your Mentors. Ask for Advice from such people. Rather than pondering upon how to do things in which you may be stuck due to lack of skills or resources , you have to step ahead and ask people on whom you can count on. 

5) Have Clear Deadlines : Setting Deadlines is important for every task. It not only brings a sense of responsibility to the Startup Team to complete the task before the deadline , but also gives a sense of reward & satisfaction. It's a sign of a professional rather to complete the task by deadlines set. Even if we miss the deadlines, it's possible that we may miss it by a day or two and not by a month or so as it happens when we procrastinate. 

6) Break The Tasks into Smaller Parts : A task may look gigantic one prima facie , but when broken into smaller tasks can help us to finish it in parts. Breaking Huge Tasks into smaller ones can act on 80-20 Principle based on Value generated by each smaller tasks or time taken to complete such tasks. 

7) Remove All Distractions : Distractions and hurdles are inevitable for Startup Entrepreneurs. These may be meetings which are of less importance or travel which may not be of priority. Entrepreneurs need to make a list of such distractions and try to avoid them totally. Not only they add to procrastinating a particular task but also prove to be a cost for the Startup. 

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