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10 Actions that would Excite your Startup Team

Ten Actions that shall Excite Your Startup Team :

1. Praise Your Startup Team , commend, compliment , congratulate and celebrate their achievements;

2. Ensure they get wide recognition , hold them up to the world;

3. Take more than your share of blaming for the Startup Team defeats and less than your share of credit for their victories;

4. Try to assign jobs they enjoy , find their perfect kick and let loose the team to perform the job;

5. Hire interesting people who are willing to work with other exciting team members;

6. Foster a ground for innovation, hear to the wild and crazy ideas of your team ;

7. As a leader, show your excitement too, as to how much you love your work, be a cheerleader;

8. Help your team to grow by providing them with challenging responsibilities , send them to top quality seminars and rotate their jobs so as to get a gist of new skill set for each team member;

9. Hire Self-Starters and Self-Managed team , let them know their responsibilities well before you tell them ;

10. Create an environment of competition within themselves, when work teams are matched in a race for supremacy, the competitive spirit can yield better results. 

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