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7 Competencies & Behaviors HR in Startups Need To Consider While Hiring Team Members :

In a startup , the selection interview is the most important tool for the HR in hiring decision. An application to read, comments n reviews from past employers , a job sample test to measure the ability of candidates to perform a particular duty , is all what an HR has . Ultimately however HR needs to rely on the impressions that the candidates make when they attend the interview. Hiring really matters, what the person can do on the job is important. HR in startups essentially needs to consider these 7 competencies and behaviors while hiring : 1) Personal qualities: Innovative, Emotional Maturity, adaptable for change, sense of urgency , honesty, risk taking and self confidence are some personal qualities a Startup HR must look out for while hiring. 2) Intellectual skills : Analytical ability, systematic decision making, must be a curio, rationality and creativity is a must for a potential startup employee. 3) Communication skills : HR also needs to take into notice that a startup employee is good at listening, speaking, writing, reading and communicating the message as intended to the receiver. 4) Good Follower : HR in a startup must consider whether the candidate is possessing participation skills , is a good team player, works without supervision, loyalty and enjoys serving customers. 5) Leadership persona : A Startup employee must have a vision, must be decisive and practice professionalism , ability to teach and low tolerance for mediocrity must be a character too. The candidate must know when and how to applaud others achievement and also be good at conflict resolution. 6)Technical skills : Precision, proven track record, awareness and knowledge of startup business field and proven track record needs to be checked by HR while screening a candidate. 7) Interpersonal skills : A potential startup candidate needs to be open to criticism , admit errors, defuse anger , be patient and be friendly.

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