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An accelerator is a program designed to help startups grow and scale their businesses. Accelerators typically provide a combination of resources such as:

  • Funding,

  • Mentorship,

  • Office space, and

  • Networking opportunities.

Accelerators usually have a specific focus, such as technology, healthcare, or sustainability, and they often target startups in the early stages of development.

They typically last between 3 and 6 months, during which time the startups will receive mentoring, coaching, and access to resources and networks to help them achieve specific milestones and increase their chances of success.

At the end of the program, startups will usually participate in a "Demo Day" where they present their progress to a group of investors and other industry professionals.

Some well-known Accelerators include

  • Y-Combinator,

  • 500 Startups,

  • Techstars,

  • Seedcamp,

  • AngelPad, and many more.

They have different focus and criteria for selection, but generally, startups that are selected for an accelerator program will have a strong team, a solid business plan, and a product or service that shows potential for growth.

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