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Documents Needed During Introduction & Applications to VC Firms :

Updated: May 8, 2023

Nowadays , most VC firms have an online submission process, Just because you submit your plan online to a Venture Capital firm does not guarantee anything, including a call back to formally reject you if they aren’t interested.

Hence a soft introduction to a key personnel in the VC Firm is strongly recommended If you have an opportunity to talk with the VC contact ahead of time, either at an event or informal meeting, or are referred by a trusted source, you will have a slight advantage over the multiple submissions they receive a week.

On occasion, Venture Capital firms will only want to see the pitch deck and the exec summary, and will hold off on the business plan until they decide to invite you into meet with them.

Note that whether you are meeting the investor for the first time or in a one on one introduction, the goal is to get to the next meeting. You want to give them enough information to help them understand the opportunity but have questions that only you can answer.


  • A pitch deck (approximately 7-8 pages), each page covering the key topics, includes brief management talent, basic financial forecast and images of the product.

  • A One Page Executive summary, It must contain simple details like industry, intro statement, management team, advisors, capital raised, and amount of money seeking and use of funds. You can also append business description, identified problem or need, solution offered, key attributes and basic financial forecast.

  • A Business plan [ nearly 8-10 pages ] which expands on the elements of your executive summary, offers product images or screen shots and includes 2 pages of financial information ,a financial forecast for first year and next 4 years with cash flow.

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