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Entrepreneurs Must Stay Charged Up Even If People Criticize you

Discouragement & Criticism is no novel for Entrepreneurs. ' You cannot do this' , ' This will Fail' , 'You are a loser' , 'This will never work' and such other sentences are often verbal stones thrown on Entrepreneurs . However , Entrepreneurs need not give their attention to this and continue their Startup journey in the way they feel is the best one. People will Criticize you , what they say about you ,instead speaks more about their character & not yours. We have tried to cover some ways in which Entrepreneurs can remain charged up amidst such Criticism & bullying in some cases :

1) Find People of Similar Interest : We need to hang out with  people of more or less similar interest , in order to have a similar bandwidth of what we share with them or from which Startup we belong to. Having common interest too may attract criticism, but a constructive one , unlike how others who are not even sailing in the ship/  in the oceans in which you are.  

2) Meeting New People also helps Entrepreneurs to keep them away from those who are constant energy drainers. Entrepreneurs must develop new connects , either in person or through social media platforms , they must connect with like minded people. say other Entrepreneurs from a similar industry from which they belong to. In other words, keeping yourself away from people who criticize & investing your time with people who inspire you works. 

3) Entrepreneurs need to cheer up themselves in everything they achieve, howsoever small it may be. Say for instance, having a new client on your client list too calls for celebration . This is because people who criticize you may point out on your failures rather than on your milestones. Hence success must not be measured in numbers but must be measured by milestones achieved regardless of it's size or amount. 

4) Having Inherent Controls & Privacy with respect to the Startup management & decision making affairs. People would be judgmental & sarcastic only if they are aware of what you are into or what you are up to. Keeping secrecy of decisions & limiting your circle to people on whom you count.

5) Work on Yourself more rather than on such people. Learn new things , attend online courses, get new skill sets updated . Working on self helps to keep us motivated throughout the journey . We suggest entrepreneurs to do the planning & strategy work in solitude rather than discussing the same with others. 

6) We need to focus more on our Goals set & our Bucket List of Things To Do or Things Not to Do. If you haven't prepared one, please do it . Also have your priorities set so that you do not ever divert your mind & time on such critics . 

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