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Get the Huddle Around You : Be People's Person As A Startup Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is all about people, how you deal with people, how you interact with them, how you present yourself & your startup to them. Entrepreneurs are like a magnet. They attract people more often than others. No doubt it's their interest of having a merger with their businesses or converting a potential lead into a client. Whatever the reason may be , you too can attract people for good reasons for your startup . Grab some points mentioned below & there you go, you shall indeed find a huddle around you. 

1) Check out what's unique in your personality. What we mean here is not just your appearance but a unique image/ style of yourself that attracts people as an Entrepreneur. Try to develop one if you haven't. It's this image/ style that allows people to remember you. Append that image / style to your personality. 

2) Be a Giver. Entrepreneurs indeed are businessmen & business-minded , but that doesn't mean one must stop helping others. Do some CSR. Rather not just CSR, making Helping a Habit. For that you first of all need to be independent yourself. Help people without any expectation. People will always recollect your help & be there with you in times when you need their moral support. 

3) Never be a Complaint Box. Yes, you may be in crisis, your hustle may be endless, you may not be satisfied with your progress, but this in no way gives you a chance to complain. There are few Entrepreneurs who may complain about the industry , about Government policies, Taxes  or criticize someone for their acts. The question here is why complain ? Rather Entrepreneurs try to solve those problems. People stay away from the ones who complain & stick to solution providers. 

4) Your Behavior too attracts people. The confidence with which you present yourself to people [ Stakeholders ] attracts people. Don't slouch or lie down with your posture . Maintain a balanced posture, always smile & feel like a celebrity [ even if you aren't one] .

5) Have a good Online Reputation :  In the world of Big Data & technological advancements, one needs to keep a good profile on social media platforms. Followers are now more on virtual platforms than in person. Entrepreneurs need to be aware what they post, how creative they are, what value their posts generate . Having a check on Online Reputation is inevitable these days. 

6) Be a Good Story Teller : People like to hear stories. Stories of How you started, why you started, what problems did you face or you are still facing in your Entrepreneurial life. This indeed requires a skill to attract people & can be learned only by experiences you have faced over a period of time. 

You need not to overact to attract people. Do not have Ego come in your way ever. This acts as a repellent in fact. Everyone has an Ego. But then , you need not bring it on your Dashboard . Your Behavior , Your communication skills & your relationship norms , is what matters to people. How you treat them is the way they will treat you.  

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