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Opportunities to Startup [Part 1 of 2]

Updated: May 8, 2023

Opportunities to Startup. Starting a small business not only requires determination, motivation, and know-how but also a smart mind to spot and strike the opportunities that you come across and that too, before someone else grabs it. It’s a venue called as our minds. Yea, it’s true, unless we use our brains in the right sense we won’t be able to seize the right opportunity at the right time. Some people have this cloud of ideas following them even before they run their first business, many start off with few ideas. We start businesses because they spot opportunities. It’s a pure connection between the ideas that generate and the opportunities that those ideas foster on.

Well the million $ query here is that how to look out for opportunities. Maybe this article can not help you to actually grab one, but it shall at least convince you the ways in which you should take a step ahead.

A break may be just what you are doing from your childhood. It may be something which may be your pass-time activity which has given you an immense joy and excitement throughout your life. The only thing is that you may have never noticed it as an opportunity to take this as your business. It may be reading a book, writing stories & literature, you may be a superior craftsmen or a ‘out of this world’ chef on weekends, for that matter you may even be good in a sport on which you could train others. Being excellent in activities like singing, dancing, swimming etc, which we considered it during our pass time activity can be surely converted into a full-fledged business, if planned and executed properly. You may have a passion inside you, which you need to uncover to the world. Your passion to carve for may have been developed in times when you were in search of your own drive. This passion and madness for something can be turned into a profitable venture supported by the efforts you are ready to put in. Your networking habits can also bring out an opportunity for you to venture into a startup. It is the idea of course that is important, but to implement the idea, you need a team. If you have the flair to keep in touch with good healthy people around your zone, you can articulate your motives with those people to create an organization. Who says experimental accidents are not good. An opportunity may also be a result of an accident. Fooling around with things or experiment some rocket science activities can land you up in an idea, which may turn out to be worth of giving a shot at. The way to notice ideas is to look for things that seem to be missing. If you're really at the leading edge of a rapidly changing field, there will be things that are obviously missing. Most things that are missing will take some time to see. You almost have to trick yourself into seeing the ideas around you. It so important to work on a problem you have. Among other things, it ensures the problem really exists. It sounds obvious to say you should only work on problems that exist. And yet by far the most common mistake startups make is to solve problems no one has. Identifying the right problem with a right feasible solution can create an opportunity. It is the region to which we belong to, also gives us signals and opportunities to a start up. Regional and logistical positioning can play a major role to induce you to start up a venture. For e.g.: Those staying in coastal areas can startup a fishery or boating business on a small scale, similarly can build a beach side multi star resort. Also the culture to which we belong to make a great impact on the opportunities which we may come across. Take an incidence where an Event like wedding, Indian weddings and weddings in US have altogether different cultures, rather one who would startup as a wedding planner in India, is bound to earn more profits than their US counterparts.

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