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Qualities To Hunt For in a Startup Co-founder

Qualities To Hunt For in a Startup Co-founder: 

  • Respect & Visibility in the Startup Community to which your Startup belongs to ; 

  • Insight & Intelligence about the Nature of Startup you are into ;

  • Talent & Experience which is complimentary to the current founders / promoters of your Startup;

  • Diversity in skill sets; 

  • Integrity in being honest , especially in financial matters & decisions thereby not engaging in shady deals; 

  • With a proven Track record who can see through your Startup tough situations by playing roles as an administrator cum leader . 

  • One who carries the courage of their own conviction. A co-founder must not simply be an observer or passive participant;

  • Must posses an ability of a Team Player who works well with other Startup team members; 

  • The co-founder must have  a Time to serve to help your Startup succeed; 

  • A willingness to serve your Startup rather than to use their position for prestige. 

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