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Quick Fire Motivation For Startup Entrepreneurs :

Quick Fire Motivation for Startup Entrepreneurs :

  • Go with your gut instincts and believe in yourself;

  • Don't say No and put off people, just keep going;

  • Never be afraid to ask help from anyone;

  • Surround yourself with people you trust;

  • Behave in business as you would want others to behave with you;

  • Listen and sometimes be silent, stop talking and hear what people around you have to say. It may be possible that you may not hear what you want to, but if someone is bothering to tell you something about your startup, it is usually worth listening;

  • Keep learning about your finances and work closely with your banks. It is to be noted that for a startup, it’s the cash flows that matter the most in the initial months, not the profitability;

  • Its important to note down everything, be it an idea or a way to solve a particular problem you may be facing. This is because we tend to forget most of the thoughts that hit our minds while we may be driving or walking down a lane or eating our lunch.

  • Never mix business with your personal life. Never employ your friends as your partners or your employees, as most of the time, it may work in the short run, but not in the long run;

  • Never take anything or anyone for granted. Make decisions only after getting into facts and figures after having an in-depth analysis only. Assumptions are mere assumptions, unless backed by evidences;

  • Always have a research on the market you want to enter into; update yourself with the price, quality, brands , competition levels , industry norms, government regulations etc.

  • Beware of the deadly sin of envy. Jealousy is a horrible trait and revenge never pays;

  • Don’t run before you can walk, startup small and gradually build up to your vision;

  • Be ready to face setbacks initially, never compare yourself with other businesses;

  • Never be afraid to admit a lack of knowledge, it is not necessary that entrepreneurs needs to know everything related to the business they are into.

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