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Quick Fire : Rules For Entrepreneurs Success

Entrepreneurs need to adhere to some rules or principles in order to achieve success. Nothing comes easy. We need to give our 100% to whatever we do. It's not always hard work that counts, sometimes smart work too adds flavor to the recipe of success. We have enlisted some Rules which can help Entrepreneurs attain their goals in order to succeed : 

1) You need to have Passion for your Startup Idea(s).  Unless you find out the Why you want it Badly enough, success is far from near always. This rule reminds us why we started & must never give up. 

2) Your Goals must be clear . There must be no room for confusion . Besides Clarity , Goals need to be realistic too. 

3) Entrepreneurs must always motivate & uplift others too. Having Ego or jealousy does no good to your mission. But one must note here that it is equally important to stay self motivated before one motivates others. 

4) Find Good mentors & role models : Find mentors who are either much ahead of you on your career path or have attained something similar to what you are targeting at. By learning from the experiences of others, you will increase your probability of success, and avoid unnecessary mistakes 

5) Surround yourself with Success : It's true that Success is contagious . Surround yourself with like minded people and people who are successful in their own struggles . Which means  if you surround yourself with haters and doubters, you will become a hater and doubter., An African proverb to quote as an example here is  " If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together"

6) Learn From Your Failures : Embrace your falls. Be a quick learner rather. Do not sit crying on split milk. Failures are part & parcel of success. You shall never find a successful person who has never failed. Embrace your failures as wonderful opportunities to learn, grow, and evolve 

7) Walk away from Energy Drainers : Keep the bad apples away from you. This applies not just for the team you may hire , but also with the people you deal with .  It of course is a very delicate decision to make to kick such people out of your life, but in order to succeed , you need to see to it that such people are never close to you. 

8) Be Brave & live with a spirit of a warrior: Entrepreneurs need to be unbreakable.  It's true that unfortunate things will happen to all of us.  Take those as a part of life.  Life is never fair agree.   Some of us will lose a loved one too early, or may experience health problems.  Some Entrepreneurs may have to go through poverty while Some will be not that lucky even though they work hard.  The success mantra here sis no matter what happens in your life, Entrepreneurs must promise themselves that they will always do their best and  be like a warrior.  It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down in life as long as you always get back up to fight for your dreams.

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