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Quick Tips on How To Pitch To VC Firms

Updated: May 8, 2023

Before we move to How to Pitch to VC, note that Investors invests in the Entrepreneur First and then in the Idea.

You need to Master the pitch in a way that you get their full focus & attention .

Rattle them to the Core . Your First Impression matters here as to how much you are yourself involved and committed to the idea you are working on .

Use the 10-20-30 Formulae :i.e : 10 Slides - 20 Minutes - 30 Point Font

Know your Investors as to -

1) Who have they invested in before ? [ The industry, the startups, locations etc ]

2) How they have been successful ? [ The Terms , Returns they expect , other modes of operations , partners they work with ]

3) How well do they know Your Industry ? [ Their Team , Their Past experiences & startups they have invested in your domain ]

4) How much Time they can devote to your Idea ? [ Their involvement , Their likes/ dislikes w.r.t. investments/ products they have previously invested in etc ]

Note that gone are the days of an Elevator Pitch, instead try for #twitpitch [ Sort of a Tweet] , where by it would be great for an investor to grab his/her attention in 140 characters !!!

The 10 Slide Pitch must be as Follows :

Slide 1 : About Yourself : Who you are & What you Do ?

Slide 2: The Problem : Make the Investor picture a problem which needs to be fixed.

Slide 3: The Solution : Once the problem is known, show what solution(s) your startup can provide to that problem.

Slide 4: Business Model: What Investors like to see here is how shall you make money? The distribution strategy & gross margins expected.

Slide 5: This defines the Unique Proposition or the 'Secret Sauce' as they say behind your product / service.

Slide 6: Explain your Marketing strategy as how will you reach to Customers.

Slide 7: Mention the challenges and competition which you face in the market.

Slide 8: The Team matters the most. Mention who your managers are ,Board composition , Advisors , Promoters , Mentors and even current Investors in case any.

Slide 9: Offer Your Projections with Metrics as to how do you see your startup perform in the next 3-5 year timeline.

Slide 10 : The last slide generally is uncovering your next steps as to how & where will you use the funds you are trying to raise through this deal.

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