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Sunday Shortcuts - Registration Of Private Limited Company in India

Welcome to Sunday Shortcuts, Today we would be covering process of Registration of a Private Limited Company in India:

To Register a Private limited company, we need to follow the necessary requirements as under :

Proposed Name:

We need to check that if the name of the proposed company is available on the MCA portal. Note that this Proposed Name shall not be identical, similar or phonetically similar to any Existing Registered company / LLP registered with the MCA Portal , neither the Proposed Name shall not be similar to any Trademark applied or registered.

Minimum 2 Directors:

All the Directors of the proposed company shall have a DIN obtained through filling requisite form on MCA portal. At least one of the Directors shall be Resident in India. To Register a Private Limited Company, we shall need the help of Professionals like A Certified Practicing Chartered Accountant or a Certified Practicing Company Secretary.

Setting up a private limited company in India requires following documents:

ID & Address Proof of all Directors -

  1. PAN Card

  2. Voter’s ID/Passport/Driver’s License

  3. Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity / Gas Bill

  4. Passport-sized photograph

  5. Specimen signature on a blank document with signature of directors

Office Address Proof – As far as Address Proof of the place which will be the registered office of the company is concerned , following documents can be used :

  1. Latest Electricity or Water Bill

  2. Notarized Rental Agreement in English

  3. Latest Rental Receipt

  4. Sale Deed/Property Deed in English (in case of owned property)

  5. No-objection Certificate from the property owner.

Shareholders/ Subscribers to Memorandum:

The subscribers to the memorandum shall have a Digital Signature [ DSC ]as a pre- requisite to file the form for Incorporation.

Further the main object, registered office address and Capital shall be decided in forth so as to ensure quick completion process.

Memorandum Of Association & Articles Of Association using 'e-moa' template - MOA needs to be prepared specific to business by using 'Spice e-moa' form on MCA website, whereas AOA needs to be prepared specific to business by using 'Spice e-aoa' form on MCA website.

In our Next Sunday Shortcuts, We will be covering Registration Of Limited Liability Partnership in India.

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