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Why Starting Small is Important : Being Frugal & Canny Helps initially.

Yea, you rightly heard, there is a way out , always. We here are not saying Startup from Zero Money, but we are here sharing some canny and prudent ways in which you can turn your Dream ideas into a startup. 

The First step is to Start small, and grow your budget only as your audience and income grows.

You won’t invest money that won’t be paid back, as startup entrepreneur often does. They put a lot of money into a business before there’s even an income, and often the income doesn’t grow fast enough to repay the investment or debt.

Staying small also means you’re more adaptable to change. Low overhead means you’re lean, and it takes less revenue to succeed. You’re less susceptible to economic recession as well. So stay lean, even as you grow — the fewer the expenses, the better. Make every expense be completely justified, make every dime count.

Start small. People try to build their new business into a massive launch, but this is a mistake. Start as small as possible, giving a minimum viable product to a few friends, and let them test it out. Then a few more people. When you try to do something massive at launch, you make it less likely that you’ll actually start, and you’ll take forever to launch, and you’ll build yourself up for failure, and you’re building something massive without any idea of whether it works or if people like it. Launch is just one moment in the lifespan of a business, and it’s not even one of the most important moments.

Start a blog. The best way to market a business is by giving away free information. Show that you’re valuable, help people for free, and they’ll want more from you.

Use free blog software and a free host. Start on, because it is easy to learn, but these days I recommend — it’s professional blogging software that’s free and not hard to learn, and you can expand upon it as you grow, unlike Blogger. Both and give you free hosting as well. There are other similar services and software out there too. Google it to know more. 

Use free blog templates. The free blogging software I mentioned above comes with a set of free design templates already installed, and if you use WordPress software, you can later choose from thousands of great, free WordPress themes. You don’t need a professional designer to get started.

You don’t need to buy a domain. Eventually you can at a later stage. However, if there’s one small investment you might make, it would be buying a domain. Not necessary, but at Rs.1000 on an average for a year, it’s not too expensive.Buy a domain. As soon as you can afford it.  

Forget perfection. Too many people get caught up in trying to make a product, website, blog post, launch, etc. perfect. It’ll never be perfect. Perfection is stopping you from shipping. Instead, do what you can, get it out there, get feedback, improve it, repeat.

Start from home, and start with friends. You don’t need to have an office for most businesses … even a cupcake business doesn’t need a shop — at least not at first. Start with no extra money, in your spare time if you have to. Let your first customers be your friends, and ask them to be brutally honest. Then let them spread the word to their friends. 

Focus on important things. Too often people get caught up in statistics, social media, lots of little tasks that don’t matter. Instead, get moving on what matters most — producing something that will add value to your customers.

You’re finally ready to channel your powerful creative energy into a new project. Not just an ordinary work project, but one that will be a new venture for you — one that will start a new business, a new life, and make your mark upon this planet earth.

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