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10 Quick & Unique Ways To Improve Your Startup Goodwill :-

People like to do businesses with organizations & people they respect. This emotional attachment translates to the bottom line called as goodwill, which in turn would determine the market value of your Startup Business. Hence your Startup CSR image in the market is one of the factor in your interest , your startup team's interest , your clients interest & in the interest of the larger society & the startup world.

1. Never break the law of the state : - Make this clear to every Startup employee that any action in violation of local or government statute would not to tolerated.

2. Take care of your property and send a strong message that you care for your Startup;

3. Support your colleagues and other Startups who are active in your community or connects;

4. Provide sabbatical leaves for employees who wish to work for philanthropic groups; 5. Choose a cause for the Startup company as a whole to support. It may be anything like Girl Child Education, flood victims or it may be even be an initiative to clean the streets around your office locality.

6. Start a speaker bureau at the company - make sure your Startup message is instructional & uplifting.

7. Fund a scholarship - When your Startup pays for someone's education, you invest in your future.

8. Recycle Corporate Thrash - A thrash for one may be Gold for someone else. Assign this project to one of your most creative managers. The recipients of your recycled thrash would be deeply appreciative.

9. If you downsize, do so with compassion and care. Never use an iron hand for layoffs.

10.  Tie up with local public school & educational institutes as they are in hunt for guest lecturers ; get in touch with students.

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