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11 Quick Ways to Position Your Startup For The Future

Most Startup Entrepreneurs focus on what's right to be done today, but they forget its important for making sure what they do today creates a future for what their Startup needs tomorrow. Investing in tomorrow is equally important than incurring costs today. Hence Startup Entrepreneurs must ponder over strategies and policies for positioning their Startup for future.

1. Keep on top of trends , keep a check on the market changes , culture changes and research more on what is happening around the world ; 2. Become obsessed for a change ; view change as an opportunity or an adventure. Sometimes change may sound as a threat too, but one must be prepared physically as well as psychologically for reality of the change ; 3. Hire , reward and promote the best employees ; 4. Train ,counsel , reprimand or terminate slackers; 5. Think globally , act locally, think about how your products or services could satisfy your customers elsewhere ; 6. Innovate, if you don’t innovate , you are bound to lose the market soon. Your current product / service needs to be better , cheaper and quicker in future. 7. Develop a long-term commitments to customers , be the first on the scene with new solutions for new requirements; 8. Invest wisely in technology, people and training. Funds spent on these avenues are never costs, but are investments. 9. Innovate stress by keeping your employees on the edge of their seats; 10.  Fight the complacency of success ; sometimes success acts as a barrier to change and there needs no urge for motivation to improve; 11.  Don’t get tied down by sunk costs, stop worrying about what you have spent in the past, invest in the future. 

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