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5 Downbeat Traits “To Avoid” During Your Startup Pitch Before Investors:

It is true that pitching to investors is a piercing experience. They may knock you out in seconds, in minutes or even after a long session. But mainly, it’s the initial 5 minutes which would make an impact on the investors to decide whether to continue with the pitch or not . Here are some of the 5 off-putting qualities, which the investors would like to evade from:

  • Asking for too much $$$ before a market exist : Investors believe that founders must take a meticulous approach to explore the markets into which they intend to sell or offer their services. It means, before entrepreneurs ask them for a huge amount of investment, they must be able to exhibit the market, that its huge enough to generate a return on the initial investment which they want. Your pitch may not sound sane if this ratio is not taken care of.

  • Minimum Business Potential : In order to make it worthwhile for a venture-size investment, the founder must present a credible plan that would demonstrate the start-up potential to become a market-leading company in a billion dollar market. If investors are convinced that the start-up cannot become that big, they may advice entrepreneurs to look out some other source of funding.

  • Poor communication: Howsoever affluent the expertise of an entrepreneur may be in technology & other business know-how, if the entrepreneur is unable to get across the message with the clear description of what s(he) is doing, investors are turned off.

  • Meager Team Building Skills: One of the important skill set of a successful startup entrepreneur is the ability to attract and motivate excellent team. If an investor meets a founder with a poor start-up team ,the investor may question the founder’s judgment and be least interested in rest of the pitch.

  • Losers : Investors generally bet on people who believe in themselves and their potential. A winning track record is a must. Yea, defeats are inevitable , but to win and rise from such defeats is the sign of a true entrepreneur.

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