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5 Quick Ways To Ensure A Synergy In Your StartupTeam

By an Organization, we mean group of people working / acting together to achieve a common purpose or a goal. We hereby try to plunge into some few techniques through which a Startup Founder /CEO can pull the entire organization in the same direction . Individual achievements do matter, no doubt, but its the team who deserves the Hall of Fame, is what we count on.

1. Create a Teamwork culture: Its necessary for a Startup CEO to create a culture of Teamwork in everything the CEO says or does.

The Founder can start using lingo such as 'Team meetings' rather than 'Staff meetings' , substitute the word 'Team(s)' in place of 'Departments' and ' Staffs' .

New joiners at the Startup must be sent a 'Welcome to Our Team' note / letter / greeting and must be shown an inspirational video . It is of utmost importance to pair the incoming employee(s) with those who are team-oriented and enthusiastic.

2. Start at the Top :Senior executives must function as a close-knit team. The Team performance depends on how well the Team Leaders or those at the top meet each other's expectations and what do they commit to work together more effectively.

3. Hire Team players hoping to contribute to a collective effort : History of course matters, here of those who were successful team players and join your Startup with the hope of contributing to a collective effort. Ensure that your Startup prospects believe that their on-the-job performance is judged more on a team based effort rather than on own individual merits.

4. Make all employees feel like a part of the team : This can be done by sharing your vision , asking for and rewarding ideas, setting up friendly yet spirited competitions.

It has to be seen that your Startup Teams are placed closed to your clients as in communication and other operational matters such as solving grievances and queries faced by clients etc. Ensure all your Startup team members are availing better training facilities.

5. Celebrate Team Victories & Reward teams for the same: A team victory is not a one man's role. Besides individual rewards and recognition, even the linemen and supportive team members must be rewarded and appreciated in the same manner as leading ground-gainers are rewarded. Rewards may be in the form of weekend lunches , Photographs of teams in a booklet, Certificates , free seminar / meetup passes of their choice , trophies or even ESOPs in certain cases.

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