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7 Ways to Make Your Visiting Card Reflect Your Startup :

Even though it’s a virtual world today, an Entrepreneur needs to reflect the creativity of their startup in a flick, especially when it is time to introduce their startup for the first time to someone they meet personally. Let your Visiting card reflect your ingenuity without being over the top or in someone’s face. Here are 7 ways in which your Visiting Card can reflect you as well as your startup to the world :

  • The layout of your Visiting Card needs to be simple. You must include the following basic elements for that : Startup Name; Startup Logo; Startup Tagline; Startup Office Address; Startup Website URL; Email ID; Landline & Fax Numbers; Your Name & Designation; Your Mobile Number; If you are an fervent blogger – Your Blog ID.

  • Your Visiting card is your Startup’s prime real estate hence it’s of utmost importance that you do not crowd it with petty details. It is a practice these days to include Facebook / Twitter /LinkedIn Handles on Visiting Cards. What we suggest is either use it on Back side of your card or the best way it to avoid it and use it as a signature to your emails. This would make your Visiting Card look spacious and eye catching.

  • Avoid using Photographs on your Visiting card. Only if you are into Acting or some other such industry where your image needs to be portrayed on your Visiting Card. People want to know about your Startup more than about how you look. Using a Logo or a Brand Trademark design would suffice the cause of displaying an image on your card.

  • Use of recycled paper would add wonders to your Startup being conscious about going green and environment friendly. You can even have your Virtual Visiting Card as an Image file as an option to the printed one.

  • As an entrepreneur , you have to invest some time to choose the kind of the card you want to use. Plastic and Polymer cards are not eco-friendly , hence if possible, try to avoid those. The cards must be of standard size. You may even customize the size and shape , but see to it they are neither to large nor too small. Please do not even think of using a scented Visiting Card.

  • Besides reflecting your startup , your Visiting Card also reflects how integrated are you with your team members. Make sure that the layout, the look and the feel of your Visiting Card matches with the one of your Startup team. Consistency into these matters is of utmost importance. For example, if your email id is mentioned on top right of your visiting card, it would make sense that even your startup team member’s email id is mentioned at the same right side top on their Visiting card. The color, the font style and the layout must match for everyone in your startup.

  • Keep your Visiting Card updated. You may need to update your visiting card due to change in designation / logo / tag line or your personal details like your mobile number / email id etc.

As a tool for communication, ensure that your Startup Visiting card indeed delivers value and reflects your business within the tiny legroom available.

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