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8 Traits To Hunt For In Your Startup Co-founder(s)

Co-founder(s) of your startup carries a significant status and why not , they must possess talents and skill sets which everyone would hardly possess. Here we have explained as to what qualities must your co-founder(s) must possess in order to ensure that your startup moves ahead in the right direction towards its mission and goals.

  • Every co-founder(s) must bring in brainpower i.e. they must have an insight and perspicacity to view the larger picture and shrink intricate problems into handy ones.

  • The co-founder(s) must enhance the overall image and prestige of your startup once they join your venture. It can be a matter of admiration they earn or a visibility factor either locally or regionally.

  • There must be a enthusiasm to serve the startup venture and not use it for the prestige they bring in .Ego-driven people must have no place in your startup.

  • You need co-founder(s) on your side who contribute to your startup success. For this they must be able to work hand-in-hand with you as well as with your team / other co-founder(s). Look out for team players, not just creative headcounts.

  • Candor and integrity is another aspect to look out in a co-founder. You may come across people who may cut corners and make shady deals behind your back, which may not be in the interest of your startup . It is to be ensured that your co-founder keeps no secret deals and is honest by all ways and means.

  • Never look out for someone who is closely like everyone else on your startup board.Hunt for variety. Co-founder(s) must bring in added variety to the one’s existing talents. Doubling skill sets is a waste of resource in one way.

  • Active participant is needed. Just an observer or a passive co-founder(s) would do no good . One must be able to read the reports critically, listen to others intensely and voice their views assertively . A co-founder who merely rubber stamps on your voice is uncalled for.

  • Choose someone who has been on the hot-plate before. We mean , choose someone who brings in their experience and expertise to handle tough situations on which you may be able to seek their counsel.

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