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Awesome Tips To Navigate Your Startup Pitch

Pitching isn't that easy, but its neither difficult too, if a proper & systematic process is followed. What message you wanna pass on to the investors is important. You must know what your Idea is, how is it going to help others & what problem does it eliminate . 

1 . The Length :  The pitch deck should include 12 to 15 slides that lay out the idea of your company in simple & concise  language. It is advisable not to input excessive data, like spreadsheets. You want your  pitch deck to be engaging and easy to understand. 

2. The Idea : In your Initial slides of your pitch deck, state the purpose, or the concept that defines your company. Filter it down to one clear phrase, maybe to 15 words. Having a punch line explaining your idea shall add cherry on the cake. 

3. The Problem :  Your Investors would like to know where they are putting in their funds. For this , they need to be made aware as to the problem your idea is going to solve. What is the pain point you have identified which made you to have worked on your idea. 

4. The Solution : This is a crucial slide in your Pitch deck. See to it that the potential investors get a clear & precise understanding of the way your idea is going to solve the above mentioned problem. 

5. The Business Model :  Once you have done explaining with your Solution to the pain point, you need to explain how are you going to earn revenues through the solution you opt for. Who will be your clients , where is your market, who are your competitors & what challenges you may face . 

6. Your Startup Team : Investors need to know the men behind the idea. The men who shall put your ideas into action. Show Investors the skill sets & talent you & your Team posses. Show them what you & your team have achieved in past & what will be their roles to achieve your Startup goals. 

7. Your Financial Projections :  You need to show your Financial Projections in your pitch deck. A Financial Projection of  3 to 5 years would be worth to let your potential investors know the Growth chart of your Startup. One needs to be realistic in presenting such projections . Being realistic in no way means being defensive. 

8. The Takeaway :  Show what is there for Investors in your Startup. This is what all it is about. The Return which you give , from where you give & the manner in which you shall give to the Investor is of utmost importance to them [ the investors] . Investors need an assurance as to how are you going to give them a continuous & agreed return on their investment. 

All said and done , finally you have to pitch it. Show the Investors that you are passionate, trustworthy & have pitched them with a Vision . There may be certain queries & questions that might arise in Investors session, for which you need to practice upfront before the pitch itself. 

It's also much important to have a feedback or a follow up after you pitch. Follow up ensures a professional approach to build and maintain a relation with Investors. Even if they don’t invest now, they may want to later ,especially as & when they chart your successes. 

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