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Challenges Entrepreneurs must overcome to be successful

Here are some of the challenges which Every Entrepreneur must overcome in order to be successful 

1) The first & foremost factor is every entrepreneur must realize that whatever their age may be ,it is irrelevant to Startup. Yes, One may launch their startup at 16 & at 61 years of age to. Hence entrepreneurs must never think Age as a Barrier .Age is not the radar for our goals, our ideas & it's proper implementation is. 

2) One needs to filter out on what Other People Think  about your Startup . Others opinions do influence our decision making processes , but it is important to note here that not every opinion matters . We need to see to it that reacting to everyone's opinion isn't required. Entrepreneurs need to be smart to recognize which opinion needs to be given weight & thrash those which hardly gives any help to your struggle. 

3) Entrepreneurs need to have a good team & acquaintance to ensure a smooth growth of their Startup. It's true that not all people will like you as an Entrepreneur. Your success may feed their jealously in some cases. Hence Startup Founders & CEO's must stay away from such Brain & Energy drainers. It's equally true that you are the average of 5 people you spend time with . See to it that you are surrounded by Creative minded intellectuals & not destructive or toxic people. 

4) Failure is Inevitable & also a big challenge. Entrepreneurs quit their startups due to the fear of Failure. Rather what we suggest here is that Failure is a part of success. Fearing Failure isn't the solution . Not Facing Failure is more dangerous than Facing failures & not quitting the business. One must note that it may be possible that you can be a step ahead of success just while you decide to quit. This is because future is uncertain.  

5) It's said that what we think , we tend to do. We must ensure we not only think in the right direction , but also our thought process must eliminate Negativity .Rather we suggest to Set Limits on our thinking. Have a short Break for Meditation  once in 3 hours or so ,which can act as speed breakers to our thinking process. Also ensure you do have Distanced / Detached yourself from people who are pessimistic thinkers. 

6) As a human being , we tend to stick to our Past for a longer time. Be it as past failure or a bitter experience from Past , we find it difficult to move on . Entrepreneurs must overcome this challenge  of how not to stay in past as it's gone , cannot be changed & only lessons can be learn't from our past. Also Thinking about Future [ not planning or forecasting ] is not a reality & waste of time . Make Peace with the past & don't worry about the Future. Live in the Present Moment .Look at the past to see how far you have come 

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