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Due Diligence Documents Required For Fund-Raising

Updated: May 8, 2023

Most VCs require companies to be a Private Limited Company . Limited Liability Partnerships & other forms likely don’t work for venture capital structures. For Startups , it is important that your legal attorneys should set up documents suitable for a VC-funded company, including a

  • Charter - MOA & AOA,

  • Guidelines ,Bye-laws, Regulations,

  • Equity Incentive Plan documents,

  • Proprietary information and

  • Invention assignment agreements, and

  • Stock restriction agreements

An experienced Intellectual Property attorney should review IP-intensive businesses. An IP attorney will help distinguish what is proprietary, what can be protected as a patent, trademark, copyright, or a trade secret.

It is important to confirm your IP belongs to the company, including IP developed by founders, former employees, and consultants.

Facilitate the fund-raising process and give the impression of being highly organized by preparing a due diligence doc containing the following:

  • Necessary Financial and Corporate / Incorporation documents

  • Debt and Equity documents

  • Contracts

  • Capitalization table

  • Intellectual Property Documents

  • Equity Incentive or stock option plan [ESOPS]

  • Employee Agreements

  • Management team resumes

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