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Eliminate These 'Confidence Killers' Right Now

We have tried to note down some confidence killers which you as an Entrepreneur need to eliminate from its roots :

1) Be careful about what language you feed your mind with : You can't be expected to be positive, motivated or confident, if you feed yourself with negative words. Positive words can heal & uplift your motivational levels. Stay away from people who use negative words over you. A negative body language has a huge impact on how you feel & act. Act like you are confident, even if you don't feel like you are. This is because your body language influences you mood too. The more energetic you appear to be, the more confident you act, the more success you tend to attract. 

2) You can't change things by simply worrying : Don't worry about things you cannot control  [ Either from your Past / Or what's going to happen in Future ] Just take one step at a Time. Enjoy the moment. It's okay to not be in control of some situations every time. 

3) Stop Beating Yourself Over Failures : Failures are inevitable for every Startup Entrepreneur. Learn from your Failures & Be Confident. Say to yourself: 'Next Time' I'll be better prepared. 

4) Don't Fall in the Trap of Being Perfect: Trying to be perfect is never a problem, but it's a  problem when you are obsessed with details / things you think you are not enough. Say to yourself ' I have done my best & it should work now' 

5) Challenge Yourself : Rather than comparing yourself with others & losing your confidence as to how better others perform , you need to challenge yourself, with your past milestones & push yourself out of your comfort zone. 

6) Make Changes even if you feel good / bad about them : We all are exposed to changes in life, some may be welcome, some may not be. We suggest to welcome every change in your life. To feel positive, try to adjust yourself as an Entrepreneur with changes & accept them as they come in your startup journey. 

7) Don't allow People's Opinion Define You : Confident people don't let people's opinion what they can / cannot do. We Entrepreneurs need no certificates. Our ability may vary, our success path may be like a roller coaster, but that in no way would allow others to judge us. 

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