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How Must Entrepreneurs Fix Rude People Draining Their Energy

Dealing with People who are Rude and Draining your Energy helps you to regain your focus on what matters , namely , Your Startup. It's obvious that dealing with rude people is never in your agenda or schedule, but one is helpless in cases where boundaries & limits are breached by such losers. 

1) Primarily what you need to do is Respect Yourself & only then others will respect you. People may be rude to you in some cases as we do not respect ourselves. Hence we give them fuel to behave in a manner in which they take us for granted, You need to set boundaries which people will fear to cross. Not everyone can have a visa into your privacy. 

2) Avoid such people & walk away from common areas where you are bound to meet them . Try to diffuse the situation by not being an audience to their presence. 

3) By fixing , we mean , do not allow anyone to rule you. Sometimes people just expect you to do things for them. You have your own life, your own plans , your own day & your own agenda. Hence as discussed above, never be a victim of being taken for granted. Practice self-respect. 

4) Say 'No' more often to such people. This will help you to take control of your Life. You need not explain them the reason of your refusal. 

5) Address them Upfront if needed. Ask that person him if S(he) realizes that the things he says or does show a lack of respect for others. S(He) might not realize he's being rude. If S(he) cares, S(he)'ll apologize and try to be more polite. If S(he) doesn't, then you need to avoid this person. 

6) The Best way of dealing a Rude person is either not to react at all or to say a simple 'Thanks' . Yea You can thank the person sarcastically thereby ending the conversation which might drain your energy. Also agree with them for a moment. This may confuse their plans to attack you verbally. Agreeing is the ultimate weapon to avoid unnecessary conflicts with such people. If nothing works, just laugh it away. 

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