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How To Be More Confident , Overcome Nervousness & Social Anxiety As A Startup Entrepreneur.

Our blogs are to the point, we ensure we can give you the maximum in minimum words . As mentioned, Startup Entrepreneurs need to be more confident in their day-to-day operations to make their startup dream come true. 

1) One can Fake the Confidence :i.e We need to see to it that actions speak louder than words . Act confident even if you may not be . You may be presenting your pitch deck to a a panel of tough Investors  for the first time , you may be entering into Mergers with other Startups , You may be talking to Your First client, better be confident . Attitude matters & shyness or anxiety may restrict your freedom. Also note , nothing comes free. Confidence comes with practice. 

2) Step out of your Comfort Zone :  Rather have no comfort zone . Every Startup Entrepreneur must find & try things never done before. Try them out. Even if you fail to achieve something , Two things you shall always get - Experience & Lessons of Life. It rather makes you stronger. 

3) Hear Your Own Voice : A Startup Entrepreneur must never forget their Own Inner Voice. You can't just let other's voice rule your ideas. Your ideas need to be heard first by yourself & then by others. They'll let you down, they'll mock you at first. Hear not them, but your own voice. Instead , be more expressive . Overcome your shyness by talking more about your Ideas than about yourself. 

4) Show Them Who You Are : There may be other successful Startup Entrepreneurs , but then don't ever let anyone compare you with who you are. Everyone has their own battles. People have the Habit of Judging you, so why not show them Who The Real You Are !!! Let them Judge the Real You .

 Showing Them doesn't mean you are Showing Off . We need to let the world know our skill sets as an Entrepreneur. How different are you than other Entrepreneurs & what positive difference can you make to some lives through your Startup. Also never pretend to be someone who we are not. Copying or Imitating someone never helps. More You act like your own self , the closer you feel to the ones you may trust. This leads to freedom & also shows how much passionate you are in your Startup journey. 

5) Talk To Strangers : It's true that nobody is born with communication skills or social confidence . It is a learning process. This process can be simplified initially by a small talk . One need not be an expert with the content , but one has to start with a content at least. However small the talk maybe  & that too with a stranger is more preferable. This is because a stranger will never try to pre-judge you, as your talk will be a short one. A long talk can cause the other person start judging you 

There are many other ways to be more confident . Remember few things here, you are the only who shall guide your Startup to success. Nobody else may do that for you. If you are shy or show some anxiety, things may never work out for you the way you want to. Hence be confident, be whatever the situation is, who so ever you are dealing with. Also ensure , you are not over confident at the same time. Keeping a confidence balance is called for. 

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