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Launching Your Product ??? Check this blog post.

Launching Your Product isn't that easy as it sounds. For most of the startups, it has often turned out to be a disaster. Here are few suggestions which you may find important to implement before you launch your product : 

1. Plan Your Social Media : Always see that you don't push your product to your potential audience, instead have a flow , say 2-3 months before you expect your product launch, whereby they are convinced as to why they must go for your product. 

2. Learn from your Competitors :  You need not frame out totally new strategies to launch your product. Maybe your competitor has one for you & that too successful one. Never Copy them but learn from them, as to how did they attain a successful launch. 

3. Ask for Advice & Suggestions :  Reaching out to your network of friends, professional colleagues , your bosses & seniors from your previous organizations where you have worked before. Take from their good, focus on their  criticism  and work on what needs to be improved.

4. Know your Target Audience : It is important to know your Audience well before you launch your Product. Remember your Fans may not be your potential customers, if you do not make any attempt to build confidence in them about your product features as a whole.It's like If someone[ say an Investor ]  asks you, “Who’s your target audience?” have a concise answer . 

5. Know your Stakeholders  : It's not just target customers one must be aware of . Stakeholders are equally important for your Startup. Find out where they spend their free time and join them after work. Events are great for getting your product into the community.  

6. Storytelling Helps :  Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to build a brand, attract potential customers and talk about a product or service. It's one of the most simple ways to explain your hustle. From where you started , why you started, who was with you, what problem you faced , which made you think of an idea to build your product . 

7. Use Smart Promotion Techniques : You are a Startup, remember this, you need not get on upfront on well known publications upfront by spending a huge amount of funds. Large Media Houses may publish your article, but then what we suggest here is why not focus on local online publications and communities where your core audiences visit.  

8. Arrange Webinars :  Webinars are one of the best ways to engage your audience & get immediate feedback & suggestions . Choose a right Topic Name , sort of a catchy one , so as to attract audience, choose a right Day & time with right webinar software . Prepare an agenda , basically to introduce your product , describe its specifications , value generation to customer, Unique selling proposition and so on . With a strategic approach, webinars reach, educate and engage your audience, earn their trust, improve your conversion rates and, ultimately, impact your product launch.

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