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Mantra For Entrepreneurs to Make Better Use of their Time

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Mantra For Entrepreneurs to Make Better Use of their Time :

  • Sync your Work Priorities with your Beliefs & Values , find whether you spend your day in what's most important to you & your Startup;

  • Run more Efficient Meetings & Discontinue unnecessary ones ; 

  • Don't contribute to conversations that aren't going anywhere, try to end them by silence or walking away ; 

  • Stop procrastinating - do that unpleasant work right now ; 

  • Spend less time in crisis and don't be caught up in the tyranny of 'The Urgent' ; 

  • Cut  off time consumption in routine tasks .This can be done by either automating your work or by delegating it to someone who is an expert  / experienced in your Startup team or by totally eliminating the routine work itself; 

  • Learn to have some important information on your fingertips by improving your memory ; 

  • Balance your time in framing strategy & actually performing the tasks ; 

  • Reserve 45 minutes each day for your self , in this time , do what you love to do & not what the world tells you to do . Try to recharge your batteries ; 

  • Spend more time with people , less with things , by things here we mean the social / virtual media ;

  • Improve your communication skills , learn to read with speed , speak to be understood and listen to understand ;

  • Spend your time more in experiencing rather than achieving , enjoy the inherent pleasures of experiences rather than thinking about the potential rewards which may follow such experiences. 

  • To conclude , we say , never get into the trap of 'Future ' too much, its life that is happening to you even right now as you read this article . Find the joy in Today , be it complicated - be it demanding or routine

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