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Planning a Webinar For Your Startup !!! Then its a Must Read .

If you want to engage your potentials & spread your business services across the globe, what other medium is apt than a Webinar. But before having a proper Webinar, more work has to be done upfront .

Startups must choose the right sort of software as a medium for hosting a webinar. One has to see that it's simple to use for everyone, not much IT knowledge is required to be a part of the webinar & also the cost involved in hosting one, is to be taken into account. Ensure proper sound facilities , high-quality speakerphone , sharing your screen or switching controls and such other matters that may spoil the show if not checked properly before going live .

It is to be ensured that the flexibility sorted of hosting a Webinar is not just initially maintained. One has to ensure that the tools used for the Webinar operate as needed before, during and post the Webinar too.   

It is important to find more than one Speaker for the Webinar. Different opinions on a topic can make the Webinar more interesting. A single speaker may not be able to have different views for the audience. Also its good to have only one Host and only one Moderator for any Webinar. Roles for each of them have to be pre-defined well before the Webinar starts off. 

Another important factor is the Day and the time when the Webinar is to be hosted. Also the reach as to the different Time Zones have to be taken into account . Weekends are generally preferred for Webinars that are non-technical / be like Training Webinars etc. Other Webinars which are a part of operational functionalities must be held on weekdays as they may directly needed for the day-to-day work operations. Normally a standard Webinar must be of around 30 to 45 minutes max. Time must also be given to the Audience for Q&A session and feedback . 

Maintaining a Connect with the potential / registered Audience is also important practice to be followed before the webinar. This can be done by having a dedicated Hashtag or by having Teaser promotions on various social media platforms. A startup can have a dedicated Landing Page too with a special feature or a give away for people willing to join the Webinar well before the cut-off date. 

The Webinar Topic  needs to send a correct message for those wiling to be a part of it. The Name of the Topic must be attractive enough to draw a larger audience. Creativity needs to be at its peak . Its not just the Topic that needs attention, but also the Agenda needs to tell your participants what they can expect from the Webinar. 

Hence a Webinar needs a strategic approach to expand its reach, educate its audience and engage them effectively to earn their trust, improve your  lead conversion rates and, ultimately, impact your bottom line metrics. 

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