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Q’s For Entrepreneurs w.r.t Delegation Of Startup Work

There is no easy way to determine how much of the work an Entrepreneur must delegate to his Startup Team Members. The amount of delegation varies with the job to be done and the skills and capabilities of the Startup Team. As a startup is a newly formed business, it may happen that entrepreneur may hesitate to delegate the work most of the time. Although it is to be noted that delegation of work and responsibility is of utmost importance in any form of business organization, be it a newly formed Startup or an Industry giant. Hence entrepreneurs have to make a self check as to whether they are delegating enough and properly. This can be done by asking themselves the following Q’s:

  • Do you [Entrepreneur*] often have unfinished work piling up?

  • Do you have to take work home almost every night?

  • Do you feel that it is a sign of weakness to need your Startup Team’s assistance to keep up with your work?

  • Is much of your time spent on details on planning and supervision?

  • Does your Startup Team members often interrupt you for help and advice?

  • Do you believe that to really earn the salary what your Startup Team does, they need to be overworked?

  • Do you have several long-projects postponed/ delayed in your Startup?

  • In delegating a job, do you withhold complete information from your Startup Team members?

  • Do you , as an Entrepreneur , consider yourself as a perfectionist ?

  • Are your Startup Team Members unprepared to take on more responsibilities either because they are low in confidence or under-trained for the job ?

  • As an Entrepreneur, do you lack confidence in your Startup Team ?

  • Are you available to your Startup Team members at their will ?

  • Do you keep a constant watch over your Startup Team members, once you delegate some job to them ?

  • Do you consider past failures of your Startup Team members while delegating work in future ?

  • Do you reserve the work for yourself, which could be done easily by your Startup Team ?

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