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Q’s which Entrepreneur Must Ask Themselves , When hit by a Roadblock:

Entrepreneurs need to have a GPS Navigation sort of system in their startups. As to predict a roadblock in their startup journey is too difficult but necessary.

It's important to see things you can’t foresee as an Entrepreneur well in advance. One needs to have a different perspective. Its like when we are on the ground, our vision may not be able to cover things which we may be able to see when we look from the sky.

What we stress here by this is that an entrepreneur needs to look at different perspective and different resources available to come out of obstacles they may face in their Startup.One needs to be solution focused and not problem focused.Whenever faced with an obstacle ,an entrepreneur needs to believe that a solution exist and what’s needed is to find it out.

For making life a bit simpler , we have come across some 20 Q’s which Entrepreneur must ask themselves , when hit by a roadblock . It would be good if Entrepreneurs use these Q’s as their own Navigation system to give them a different perspective and new option to solve the obstacle :

  1. How can my Startup turn this problem into an opportunity?If I knew the solution, what it is ?

  2. Who else in my Startup or an expert from industry can help me to solve the problem?

  3. Who else can do that for me ? [ Note: Doing and Helping are different acts ]

  4. What good may come out of this problem for my startup ?

  5. Would the outcome be beneficial to my Startup in the longer run?

  6. What are my options to overcome the problem ?

  7. What’s my existing stock to handle this type of problem ? [ By ‘stock’ here, we mean resources]

  8. What’s the immediate steps I must take as an Entrepreneur to solve the problem ?

  9. Have we faced this before ?

  10. Who else in the industry faced these problems and how did they handle the pressure ?

  11. What are the other ways at looking at this problem ?

  12. Is my Startup team ready for this ?

  13. How much do I support my Startup team to overcome this problem ?

  14. How much extra resources my Startup team needs precisely to come out of such situation ?

  15. What would be the scenario when we overcome this problem ?

  16. Is this problem going to be repetitive in nature ?

  17. Has this problem scared my Startup team in areas like job security etc?

  18. How the financials are likely to be hit by this problem, how deep would be the cut ?

  19. What’s the cascading effect of this problem on my Startup vision?

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