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Quick Fire - Habits To Work Upon Daily as a Startup Entrepreneur

1) Take Full Responsibility of Your Life , Never Complain or Blame Others about your failure . 

2) Know & Set Your Priorities in Life & Business.

3) Create Your Own Morning Routine. How you start your day is important as your carry the same mood to your work. 

4) Practice Mindfulness by meditating daily . 

5) Make Health & Exercise your Routine . 

6) Read & Learn Continuously. These must never stop.

7) Be Disciplined & Have Self Control over What you say , how you act or react to situations. 

8) Consistency is the Key to success. Be consistent in your work path . Avoid procrastination. 

9) Follow through what you have promised yourself & what you say. Find no excuses . Only Results of your Action matters. 

10) Persist & Preserve, Never Give Up on your Dreams. 

11) Learn From Your Failures. Failure is Good

12) Hone Your Craft Daily. Improve & Upgrade your Skills

13) Be Self-Aware. Know yourself better. Search for the Creative  & Constructive person within You. 

14) Practice Gratitude. 

15)  Have a Solid Support System . This includes your Lawyers , Your Team , Your Family & your Friends. 

16) Surround Yourself with Like-minded people. 

17 ) Be Goal-Oriented , make a detailed plan & follow through the plan. Execution is more important than planning.

18) Be proactive & take initiative. Go out there & make it happen.

19) Manage your Emotions , detach yourself from any emotions that aren't serving you to get your work done. 

20 ) Communicate clearly . Do not confuse others about your intentions or goals.

21 ) Be a Good Listener 

22) Value your 'Alone' Time . Use it to Strategize / Recharge Your Future.

23 ) Love the Journey more than the result. Enjoy the Process. Stay Committed , consistent & persistent for the Long run. 

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