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Some Unique Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills as a Startup Entrepreneur

Generally it is stress of work or lack of focus that can act as a barrier to effective communication. Also it's important that an Entrepreneur has an effective body language. Different postures send different signals to the other person with whom you communicate. 

Here are some unique ways in which you can improve your Communication skills as a Startup Entrepreneur

1) Don't react to Every Moment , learn to respond to a situation & don't react impulsively

2) Never cross the 'Lines of Privacy' in a work place. Respect privacy boundaries of your Startup Team members & co-workers. Keep your communication professional. Everyone's personal life is their's only. Don't bring it up into your Professional Equation. Nobody deserves to feel personally violated at work places. 

3) Communication today also includes Digital Communication. It can be through Emails / Blogs or through Social Media Posts. Just have a double check before you Hit the Send Button. Anything which you post in an Email / Post can be irreversible and later on act against you only . Hence by double check, we mean, not just the grammar check , but content wise too as to it is ethical as well as true & fair for the receiver / reader . Avoid forwarding / sending spam emails or posts that are not of your Startup's interest . 

4) Do not deliver Good or Bad News by Emails or Social Media Posts. Again as previously discussed Entrepreneurs must refrain themselves from using Text / Digital medium for delivering Good or Bad information. Such information can hamper the team's motivation levels in either ways. Delivering the Good can bring out jealousy for few where as Delivering the Bad can act a reason for stress & depression. The best manner to deliver any such news is to communicate in person , as it will avoid any misunderstandings . Use of Effective Gestures can add to the solution to pass on the exact message. 

5) Never Delay the 'Difficult' Conversation : Entrepreneurs have to be thick skin while communicating the so called 'Difficult' conversation. This is in the interest of the Startup as a whole. Such conversation can be anything, from asking payments from clients after the period of credit to firing off a co-founder itself or even an acquisition of your Startup by a major firm, which can again lead to lay-off of some team members. Entrepreneurs need to keep it professional . There is no space for emotions here. Any emotional talk may lead to unwanted situations later on. Delaying such 'Difficult' conversation proves costly. 

6) Never assume that people have understood what you say always. Entrepreneurs must use various tools of communications if possible to improve the clarity of the message. Tools like charts , Sketches  , Diagrams can support Reports & Notices. Also Feedback is a necessary tool as Feedback is important for one to know if he's/ her message is understood by the recipient. Feedback also serves as a sign for a sender to know his message has been delivered. 

7) Be assertive : You can communicate clearly by being direct &  assertive . It helps to boost your self-esteem and decision-making skills. An Entrepreneur needs to express the thoughts & needs in an open & honest way. It in no ways being selfish , but rather standing up for your startup dream . Being assertive in no ways mean you need to be aggressive or demanding neither arguing or forcing you opinions & decisions on others .

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