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The Don'ts For Startups Before Approaching VC Firms/ Investors

Updated: May 8, 2023

It is important to know that For VC Firms , you are just another Startup. If an investor misses a chance to invest in you , they may find another startup in few minutes ready to pitch to them. Hence it is up to startups to decide how to approach an investor , in a way that the investors don't want to miss your pitch. Here are some Don'ts For Startups before approaching VC Firms /Investors :

  1. Don't Reach out to investors without doing any research on the investor. This is because every Investor is of different Genre. Some may invest in different sectors , while others may invest location wise, whereas some may be seed investors and others may be later stage investors.

  2. Don't Send spam email or social media messaging without being invited to do so. Investors must never be connected through cold emails or text messages. Instead having a common connect offline does click.

  3. Don't ever pay money to meet investors . This is because if you don’t have the hustle to get in front of an investor without paying for it, how are you going to get customers, employees, strategic partners?

  4. Don't attend / pay for exorbitantly priced pay-to-play pitch events/ shows or other low-cost opportunities to pitch to investors.

  5. Always avoid online social media messaging. See to it that you do not resort to politics, alcohol, drugs, or bugging Investors by Forwards or inappropriate images.

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